Powering your home is too expensive when using your local utility service.


We're changing that with Solar Energy designed for homeowners!

View SAVINGS of 10%-40% off your current energy costs,

INCLUDING a 25 yr warranty!.


Start your Solar Project TODAY.

At last, power that doesn't hurt your pocket or the environment.

Say good-bye to unpredictable utility rates with Solar Energy.

Relieve pressure of our planet by reducing your carbon emissions with Solar Energy 

Enjoy free power for your home with Solar Energy!  



Going SOLAR has never been this easy.

SAVINGS of 10%-40% on energy costs

are quickly available including a 25 year warranty.

With the help of our Energy Team, to include your personally assigned Energy Expert, you can sit back, relax and we will take care of everything for you effortlessly.


Nextenergy will develop a unique system that is designed to maximize your Energy Production, giving you immediate saving within your 1st month of install.


We guaranteed County and Utility

 permits & requirements with flow hassle-free along with continuously following up with our Nationally Certified Technicians assigned to your home for your new Solar System Installation


Pull out your lawn chair and watch our

Nationally Certified Install Crew

install your new Solar System!


Finally, your Energy Expert & Utility company will complete the Inspection requirements giving final approval for connection for your NEW, specifically designed for YOUR HOUSEHOLDS NEEDS, Solar Energy System 

The FUTURE is here. Together we want to place your unique family footprint in History!!

Take the leap to your SOLAR project today with NextEnergy.

Your SOLAR DESIGN is complimentary on us.

Choose the perfect plan specific for YOU.

Powering your home is simply this easy.


  • Available program - NO PAYMENTS until system powers on

Our  Energy Project Development Team will help you find multiple,flexible financial solutions with great Solar Payment Plans, that meets your needs.

With over 10 years in the energy industry developing projects and partnerships with General Electric and Hard Rock Hotels, Nextenergy has you covered.

Partner with NextEnergy for your solar project.

Over 10 years of experience.

With over 10 years in the energy industry developing projects and partnerships with General Electric and Hard Rock Hotels, NextEnergy has you covered.

Partner with nextenergy for your solar project.

Get your project design today, FREE on us.

Check if solar is right for you.

Call 800.570.2246 now to get a free quote or fill out the form below.



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