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With over 10 years of experience in the energy industry, Nextenergy is a dedicated energy project developer. We are strongly committed to the community and the social welfare that surrounds it. 


As a company, we seek to promote the culture of environmental care, invest in our society, improve processes and resource optimization, always respecting the laws, regulations and cultural diversity of communities.


We provide our products and services to all sectors: Public (federal, state and municipal government) and Private (industrial, commercial, rural and housing). 


We seek to give them the option of generating their own electric and thermal energy, reducing dependence on the companies that currently provide these services. By generating your energy, uncertainty and price volatility caused by fuels that impact residential, commercial and industrial energy rates are eliminated. In this way, you save money and contribute to the care of the planet.


Each goal met by Nextenergy gives society an opportunity for change and improves harmony with the environment.

Santa Catarina Wind Park

22 mega watts Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, MX.

. Nextenergy and General Electric partnered to provide clean renewable energy to millions of people. After extensive studies, Santa Catarina evolved, an energy wind solution project supplying power to the municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Santa Catarina would become much more, by setting the new standard for industrial renewable energy projects. Providing educational facilities on renewable energy on park grounds, Santa Catarina has done much more than light its community and is showing how much more renewable energy projects can benefit their communities. 

Project Details

Santa Catarina wind park houses the tallest wind turbines in Latin America with a hub height of 85M and blades with a rotor diameter of 103M manufactured by General Electric each with the capacity to produce 2.75M of clean energy.

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